Time to move on.

It took us 5 days and over 2400 miles to get from Milwaukee to Los Angeles. Along the way we stopped to see Mt. Rushmore & Deadwood in SD, Cody, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons in WY, Salt Lake City in Utah, and Las Vegas in Nevada. We drove through endless miles of national forests, climbed to over 8,000 ft above sea level, saw 35˚ with snow on the ground to 110˚ in the desert. It was one of the best road trips ever, and it made me fall in with America's breathtaking diversity. Here's what all that driving was like, squished down to 3 minutes.


Do you like t-shirts?

I designed a t-shirt for this website www.riptapparel.com .  RIPT stands for Rest In Peace Tees because they sell one tee shirt design for only 24 hrs and then it's put in the "graveyard" never to return! (Or do you believe in zombies?)

Currently they have only had men's size tees, but starting TODAY August 10th they'll be offering ladies tees!  In honor of ladies tees, they're having "Ladies Week" with female artists being featured all week.  My design is kicking the week off, and is on sale RIGHT NOW until Midnight Tuesday.  Help me sell a bunch of tees, support a cool new company, support independent artists, and check out RIPT everyday this week!

*Bonus* The shirts are only $10 bucks and you will look SOOO good wearing my art. ;)

Yes, I'm alive. No, I'm not a zombie.

Woah...I haven't posted here in a while.  However, it's all for good reason.  I've been very creatively busy!

In June I was offered wall space in the gallery of Chiropractic & Wellness on Pewaukee Lake.  They were looking for something natural, peaceful, and relaxing.  My work will be hanging in the space through August.  

During July Gallery Night two of my photos were in a group show titled "Reclaiming Beauty."  I sold my very first piece of art during the show!!


During October Gallery Night, I'll be having a solo show at The Sparrow Collective in Bay View.  This is going to be my very first solo show, and I'll have updates as I get more info.

My new art site www.loraellingson.com is up, but still a bit under construction.

Finally, a t-shirt design of mine is going to be featured on a rad website www.riptapparel.com.
They sell one different shirt design every 24 hrs.  You should really check them out!

As always, I'm busy with work, freelance, and trying to start a new band.  Life is good.