Skully Scarf

Here's the scarf I made for myself from the left over material.  An old red t-shirt was used for the contrasting details at the ends.

Snowed 2 inches this morning.  Perfect day to wear my new scarf. :)


Chilly Puppy

During the winter, my poor doggy gets very chilly.  His short thin fur just doesn't give his little body enough warmth.  While watching a movie and thinking about how cozy I was in my hoodie and PJ pants, I decided to make him a full body hooded fleece.  I used my monthly JoAnn Fabric's 40% off coupon to get this fantastic skull pattern fleece fabric for just $6.00.  Then I used the pattern for his past Halloween costumes (slightly modified).

From start to finish the whole thing took 2.5 hrs.  I think he looks both warm and totally bad ass.  What do ya think?

He seemed excited.  When I held it out for him, he put his head right in while wagging his tail.  I'm thinking about putting a kangaroo pocket on the back to make it more hoodie-like.  The best news is, I had enough fabric to make a scarf for both me and the hubbins.  Christmas card outfits maybe?

Refashion: Old Floral Dresses

So, here is the dress I got from Goodwill that I'm going to try to make into the Project Runway dress. A very unflattering fit for me, but I love the big bold flower print.

As you can see, it cost me just $3.99.

Also, I have this dress that used to belong to my Mom.  Super cute print, but again not a very flattering fit.  Though the little jacket thing is already cute.  I may leave that alone.  I'm thinking a tunic that could go with jeans or leggings.

Check back in a few to see the final products.


Sew Crazy

In the past couple of weeks I have been feeling very motivated to sew some new projects. I'm really intrigued by the idea of re-fashioning garments into something new. My closet, and goodwill can be my fabric store. Why buy new fabric when there are so many old garments out there just waiting for a new life. My first project is going to be from this pattern.

Yes, Project Runway has its own patterns now. This pattern is a bit more complicated than other things I have sewn in the past. I'm excited but nervous. I'm going to do everything by the instructions as opposed to how I usually do it...just wing it. I'm thinking short sleeve with the cowlneck. I have this great 70s dress that is black with a big graphic floral print up one side that I'm thinking I'm going to use. I will post before and after pics when I am finished.

I was looking around on Urban Outfitters website, and there are SO many things on there that inspire me. Enjoy!


Halloween Craftiness.

So, I've been slacking on the blog updates.  I did so much fun crafty stuff for Halloween, but I don't have good photos of most of it.  I was waiting to post until I had good photos, but that hasn't happened.  So, here are bad photos of all the stuff I made for Halloween.

First, is the Best Costume Trophy I made from random parts bought at American Science &

Next, the prizes for the 3 costume winners.  I etched 3 glasses with the Ghoulie Gala logo on one side and a design that said either "Best Costume", "Most Original Costume", or "Funniest Costume" on the other.

I also made a new tombstone for last year's winner.

And I made Ronin's Sherlock Holmes Costume.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!