Just Bitchin'

So, people who read this may have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, but I just gotta complain! I did separations for this t-shirt artwork on Sunday. It was a NIGHTMARE! Basically, the way screen-printing works is a bit like a printer, but instead of putting together cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to make all the colors in the image, you actually have to pick out every individual color in the image and print on its own screen. So, this artwork was a photo of an SUV parked in front of some brick building with flag poles, and shrubery, and umbrellas, and a big flag, and...and...and...just so much shit.

Well, the photo was only 3 inches wide at 300 DPI (it's printing at 10" wide), nothing was separated into layers, the photo of the building was taken with someones crappy point and shoot, it was noisy, the color was off, I could go on. So much crap wrong with it.

So, I had to interpolate the whole image to be the correct size for printing, then I had the horrendous job of finding every color in the image, but since the color of the photo was off, nothing was as it should have been. Then, on top of that, the photo was noisy, so getting a smooth blend from one color to the other was pretty much impossible.

After about 5 hours I finished, then sent on to the client. That was ROUGH! It's hard because I won't see how it's printing, and I won't know how to fix it very easily if something looks off. I'm just crossing my fingers they don't call me with problems. Ugh. Separations.

So, just a word for those of you that are reading that may ever want a T-shirt printed. Make sure your art is the size you want it printed at 300 DPI. Make sure your artwork is in LAYERS! Something made in Illustrator is best, but if you're using a photo don't even try to grab something of the internet to use. Not going to work. Let someone who knows what they're doing with a camera take the picture. Then, your shirt won't cost you $200 before it even gets on the press.

Thank you for letting me vent. More photos after this brief break.


Skully Scarf

Here's the scarf I made for myself from the left over material.  An old red t-shirt was used for the contrasting details at the ends.

Snowed 2 inches this morning.  Perfect day to wear my new scarf. :)


Chilly Puppy

During the winter, my poor doggy gets very chilly.  His short thin fur just doesn't give his little body enough warmth.  While watching a movie and thinking about how cozy I was in my hoodie and PJ pants, I decided to make him a full body hooded fleece.  I used my monthly JoAnn Fabric's 40% off coupon to get this fantastic skull pattern fleece fabric for just $6.00.  Then I used the pattern for his past Halloween costumes (slightly modified).

From start to finish the whole thing took 2.5 hrs.  I think he looks both warm and totally bad ass.  What do ya think?

He seemed excited.  When I held it out for him, he put his head right in while wagging his tail.  I'm thinking about putting a kangaroo pocket on the back to make it more hoodie-like.  The best news is, I had enough fabric to make a scarf for both me and the hubbins.  Christmas card outfits maybe?

Refashion: Old Floral Dresses

So, here is the dress I got from Goodwill that I'm going to try to make into the Project Runway dress. A very unflattering fit for me, but I love the big bold flower print.

As you can see, it cost me just $3.99.

Also, I have this dress that used to belong to my Mom.  Super cute print, but again not a very flattering fit.  Though the little jacket thing is already cute.  I may leave that alone.  I'm thinking a tunic that could go with jeans or leggings.

Check back in a few to see the final products.


Sew Crazy

In the past couple of weeks I have been feeling very motivated to sew some new projects. I'm really intrigued by the idea of re-fashioning garments into something new. My closet, and goodwill can be my fabric store. Why buy new fabric when there are so many old garments out there just waiting for a new life. My first project is going to be from this pattern.

Yes, Project Runway has its own patterns now. This pattern is a bit more complicated than other things I have sewn in the past. I'm excited but nervous. I'm going to do everything by the instructions as opposed to how I usually do it...just wing it. I'm thinking short sleeve with the cowlneck. I have this great 70s dress that is black with a big graphic floral print up one side that I'm thinking I'm going to use. I will post before and after pics when I am finished.

I was looking around on Urban Outfitters website, and there are SO many things on there that inspire me. Enjoy!


Halloween Craftiness.

So, I've been slacking on the blog updates.  I did so much fun crafty stuff for Halloween, but I don't have good photos of most of it.  I was waiting to post until I had good photos, but that hasn't happened.  So, here are bad photos of all the stuff I made for Halloween.

First, is the Best Costume Trophy I made from random parts bought at American Science &

Next, the prizes for the 3 costume winners.  I etched 3 glasses with the Ghoulie Gala logo on one side and a design that said either "Best Costume", "Most Original Costume", or "Funniest Costume" on the other.

I also made a new tombstone for last year's winner.

And I made Ronin's Sherlock Holmes Costume.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!




Blueprint Mousepad

So, I'm kind of just posting this because I want to keep up the "post once a week" thing. I like the design I came up with, but I was just following the direction of the client. I've got a lot of creative things going right now (mostly Halloween related) but nothing finished that I can post. So, here's a blueprint mousepad.



Just working on painting and photographing following my new unified direction.  Opinions?


I don't know what to be for Halloween!!

Help me out.  Vote right over here -------------------------->


What the Change Postcard design changed to.

This is what I came up with for the revision to the sofa postcard.  It's been a while since my last post, I apologize.  I was very busy with creative stuff though.  DeFi was at the Bay View Bash, and it turned out well.  Anyway, as always, comments MORE then welcome.  Even if I don't know you at all.


Bay View Bash

DeFi is going to have a booth at the Bay View Bash.  If you come, you get to spin a wheel and win some fun merchandise with one of these snazzy designs on it. :)

© Design Fidelity 2008


Cave of the Mounds/House on the Rock

I went on vacation this weekend.  These are a couple of my favorite photos I took during my adventures.  Enjoy.


A wedding present.

This weekend I was in the wedding of two friends from high school. I often like to make art as a gift for my close friends. I feel like it will have more sentimental value if it's something I made with them in mind. But it's also a bit nerve racking because you hope they will like it.

The wedding was very colorful with flower print dresses, so I wanted to take close-up photos of flowers in their wedding colors (yellow, green, purple, magenta/red). I then printed the photos on canvas and wrapped the canvas around stretcher bars. Their is no need for a frame because the image wraps around the sides. It was my first time doing this, and I'm very happy with the results. I think it looks bold and modern. What do you think?

p.s. Please excuse the photos as I took them with my little point and shoot digital camera. There is some distortion with that lens.


Discover change...

So, I worked on this postcard for a client to announce the company's new website.  The concept was to paste actual change inside the card.  The client said it was "too creative" and their clients "might not get it."  So, it's back to the drawing board, although I think it's pretty fantastic.  What do you think?